Cristal Rose Fox- Biography

Born in New York City and raised within an hour of its pulse- culture, art and music have always been center stage in my life. My developmental assets were numerous and included Broadway, art museums, and an extended musical family from many different cultures and backgrounds.

In 2007, I journeyed on a Semester at Sea Program circumnavigating the globe on a ship. I visited 11 countries in 100 days and earned college credit. This was a pivotal time in my life and solidified my personal connection with and respect for other cultures. I remember feeling much more comfortable in interaction with those I met in other countries than the social cultures (such as sororities) of my fellow American students. This turned on my awareness of cultural competency and tuned me into my gifts. 

I moved to Asheville in 2008- a pioneer of my family who had all lived in New York for many generations.  I was seeking a place where I felt nurtured by nature and could slow my NYC pace. I explored the area and the Swannanoa Valley and it felt like a safe womb of natural beauty. I transferred from SUNY Purchase College of Art and Design to Warren Wilson College. In 2012, I completed a degree in Ceramics/Sculpture with a minor in Religious Studies. My son was 3 months old at the time and I proudly accepted my diploma while simultaneously nursing him discreetly. A photo of me holding my infant son in my cap and gown made the cover of the Asheville Citizen Times titled “Stepping Into The Future.”

I am the Family Adventure Coordinator and an Easel Rider Teaching Artist with LEAF Community Arts. LEAF’s mission statement of “Connecting CULTURES & creating COMMUNITY through music & arts” made this organization a perfect fit for being both an artist, musician, activist, community organizer, and role model for children.

I live in East Asheville with my husband and son. I am blessed to be able to walk my son to school across the street every day. I front-woman Cristal Rose and the Silver Foxes- writing original music and playing saxophone, guitar, and vocals. I am co-producing an album of original material. My husband passionately created The Love Bus @theLoveBusAsheville - a triple decker art bus and sound stage that comes to LEAF and lives in our colorful yard. We love making art and music, cultivating gardens and community, playing, and daydreaming about epic projects. 





Copyright 2018 Photo by Riyen Roots, Cristal Rose Fox and Son. 

Copyright 2018 Photo by Riyen Roots, Cristal Rose Fox and Son.