Custom Carved Mugs


Carving clay is my specialty as an artist.

This is a wholesale order of my signature work.

Orders include a variety of carved mugs. You make a list of images/words that sell well in your store (lotus, mountains, ocean, UFOs, trees, dog prints, Asheville, etc) and I make a bunch of different carvings for you. Wholesale order capabilities of carved mugs are much smaller than stamped mugs. These are ONE of a KIND signature pieces

For complex logos and artwork, I add a surcharge of $5-$10 per piece. This will be discussed when I give you an estimate.

Custom Carved Mug Wholesale Prices

Custom carved mugs- $20.00 each
Custom carved XL beer steins- $25.00 each


CUSTOM Stamped Mugs

Stamp Design Fee- If you need your logo made into a 2” black and white stamp, or want your own image created from scratch, I can build one just for you on Photoshop at $20 per hour. Otherwise, I must approve a black and white .jpeg or .pdf file. The design is important to convey your product.

Stamp Making Fee- $100 for 2” round or square stamp. This is the cost of ordering a clay stamp made on a 3D printer. If your stamp is larger than 2” round or square, this is subject to increase. Once your stamp is made, we can use it indefinitely for future orders. Think of this as a one time charge.
Regular Coffee Size 10-12oz stamped mugs- $15.00 each.

Stamped with your logo. I make a variety of mug and handle shapes. Pottery is a one of a kind artwork and folks LOVE picking out the mugs that best fit their hands and style. Takes 8 weeks to deliver. 

XL Mugs/ Beer Steins- These hold a solid pint or more of liquid. All information about stamp design, ordering, and glazing applies.

Stamped XL Mugs/Beer Steins- $20.00 each

Glazing- I include any of the colors below as they are my studio glaze colors. I am happy to customize your color at an up-charge of $100 per 50 pieces. I can order almost ANY color of glaze! You can mix and match in an order.